Jul 29, 2008

In home power (electricity) usage monitor

A friend of mine works for this company called Tendril Networks in Boulder Colo.

Check out the two photos below. I need one of these up in the kids playroom so they can see exactly how much it costs to leave that light, computer, gamecube, or television on and running when they're not in the room! :-) I need one of these *TODAY*!

The company's product, called Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE), is a combination of software that works with utilities' systems and a line of devices that use the home area networking standard Zigbee. A CNET article is here:


gemchance7 said...

This system sounds great! Where and when can i get this installed in my house????

gemchance7 said...

I love this idea! Where can i buy this system?

gemchance7 said...

Will this be available this month?

tims said...

It's not available yet. Also looks like it has to be supported by your utility company (it ties into their meters) Check the company website
in the post for details!