Jun 1, 2007

40 Years ago today...

I do remember some of the songs but more from radio airplay a few years later.

(I only turned 3 in the fall of 1967)

Did see a copy of the vinyl in the local used bookstore the other day. Almost picked it up, but the thought of having to go haul the turntable out of storage, hook it up etc: got the best of me. Maybe I'll swing by on the way home and see if its still there? :-)

40 Years Ago Today

(one of the blog's comments....)

There is an interesting aspect of this record that most
younger people have never experienced. My first copy of
the LP was a monophonic copy, because the cheap phonograph
I owned could handle the sound of mono records better.
I always had a feeling that the sound of the mono release
was different in some way to the stereo release.
Not because all the sound came from one speaker,
but in the overall sound presentation.

Years later, I discovered that their producer,
George Martin, actually did mix their LPs differently
for mono and stereo. If you have to opportunity to hear
Pepper in mono, do it. The experience is quite remarkable.

One standout difference is in Lucy in the Sky. Te mono
mix has an almost fuller sound, almost Spector-ish, and
it swirls over the listener in a far more "psychedelic"
way than the stereo mix. In fact, I was so enamored of
that sound, it actually took me a long time to get used
to hearing Lucy in stereo.

I don't believe there's a commercial mono release on CD,
but I know there were bootleg versions floating around
for a while.

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