Sep 30, 2007

Click the image above for a larger version:

Here's the email from my friend Greg who had his Forerunner GPS unit going during the ride:

"7631 feet!!! That's 3000 feet more than my closest training ride. Just over 28 miles too. I only took one lap, at Windy Point when we stopped for snack and reload on the water. So it's 3909 feet of climbing to Windy Point, and 3722 from there to the top. Check out the descent we did on the 2nd lap too...1213 feet, most of that would have been that big descent before we climbed up to the ski area. That's where we picked up a bunch of extra climbing."

Thanks for doing the ride with me!
Was great to throw it out there as a goal and see it through.
Time to get the knobbies dusted off and aired up!!

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