May 2, 2008

Two Riders, "Lost in Time & Lost in Space"?

Having to travel weekly to San Diego, uuuugh,
but there is something to be said for no razor
sharp rocks, no cacti and cooler temps

Some more video from this past thurs.
Somewhere in San Diego. Riders
are Shaun Evans and Tim Schneider
Shot with a Kodak v1273 HD Digicam
and put together using iMovie 6

Followed specific encoding guidelines
for YouTube encoding and it still came
out like crud.. oh well, if you have the
time/patience to pull the .mp4 file
(quicktime player req'd) the quality is
so much better and worth it.

Higher Res Version:
Click to play


chollaball said...

hey tim thanks for the H.264 tips. It looks good but the file is HUGE!!! Still evaluating the benefit vs. a faster conversion using older codecs. For some reason my program Super is seeming to go in circles on this format.

tims said...

Yep.. unfortunately it is huge
but then again check the resolution! :-) (HD)

The flash conversion of the same huge file is pretty impressive though?

You can grab Quicktime Pro for windows for $29.95 from here:

That might help with H.264. You need a fast PC/Mac to do H.264, it's pretty CPU intensive.

You can get one of these:
(for Windows) but its got a few issues.

I use the El Gato turbo h.264 to help with this on my Mac:

Encoding time is cut in half or better.

tims said...

I started from an HD H.264 from the Kodak Camera (mentioned in the review?) 1920x1080 12MegaPixels. The raw file was pretty big.. uuuugh

tims said...

One more thing:

How to fixed washed out QT h.264 on Windows:

u2metoo said...

Tim-may! Kewl vid and site!