Jun 6, 2008

Sixshooter Revisited

Tom and I hit SixShooter last Sunday. It was his first trip, my second. Got a bit lost at the bottom of Check Dam, headed to the right and back up the wash in the wrong direction for about 15mins or so DOH!

My ribcage was still a bit sore from the crash two weeks prior, so went with the full face and pressure suit/padding setup. I had a few tumbles, one pinch flat on the front, but nothing else major. Tom's bike suffered a bent derailuer hanger, a bent middle chainring and ended the ride with his front shock 'seeping' profusely.

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1 comment:

u2metoo said...

Neato! Crushing down the trail; listening to Nails.

Looked like a blast.

And kewl footage of Devils Canyon.