Jul 20, 2008

Hawes Sweat Fest & Helmut Cam Test!

Got out for a quick ride this morning.. man was it humid!
Nice cloud cover though, which made things somewhat tolerable.
(click the photo below for all the gory details)

Still working out the kinks on a new helmet cam setup.
I picked this up off Amazon, using my Amazon CC points.
(made the price a bit more tolerable, I suppose.. still these
things are *all* overpriced IMHO)

You put your miniDV camcorder in your camelback, then run
the remote cam from a 8 cell AA battery pack. There is
a mono pickup mic inline as well. The only thing needed
now is a proper on/off switch and a LANC remote for my camcorder.

Need to come up with a better mounting system.. Used the rubber
NiteEyze mount (provided) with a zip tie as a backup. Worked
okay, but off to the side skews the perspective a bit. Dead
center, topside would be much better.

Hi-Res sample of the test can be found here:

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u2metoo said...

neato camera setup Tim-MAY!