Sep 17, 2008

Here is an interesting statistic: If you do the math, each
Nintendo employee generates $1.6Mil in revenue! Both kids have their own Nintendo DS's and the host of games that go with them at $12-$30 (or more) a pop. They are cool little machines though. Guitar Hero On Tour is a fun diversion :-) So yes.. I've helped contribute to that number above, although we dont own a Nintendo Wii yet!

According to calculations by the Financial Times, the average employee at Japanese video games maker Nintendo is on track to earn more for their company this year than the average Goldman Sachs employee did in 2007, the investment bank’s best ever year.

Nintendo also makes more per employee than internet group Google.

For an electronics company to make more per employee than a high-powered investment bank is exceptional, ..... Before tax and before pay, the average Goldman employee generated $1.24m in profit last year, based on the company’s accounts.

Whereas at Goldman the mean employee walked away with compensation of $660,000 in 2007 – about half of the profit they generated – the average salary at Nintendo was just $90,900. The rest goes to share-holders.

Nintendo and its staff remain humble – another contrast to the ‘Masters of the Universe’ at big investment banks – in spite of the pressures of running a company that now has a market capitalisation of $64bn.

“We are not experiencing success,” says one long-time Nintendo employee, with no sign of dissatisfaction, “just increased overtime”.

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