Sep 11, 2008

Hotel California.. let me count the ways!?

One of the better house remixes by Orb(mp3)from the Jam On The Mutha EP

The Eagles wrote Hotel California after touring with Jethro Tull. If you listen to the Jethro Tull song "We used to know" from the album "Stand Up", you'll find that Hotel California is a blatant knock off. (see for yourself)!

In Norway there's a musician/comedian called Egil, knowns as "bare Egil band" (just Egil band) who tours the nation with his very own "festival" of his various cleverly named band projects.

One of the projects is called "Bare Eagles Band" (just eagles band) and consist of Egil and his bandmates starting out playing various cover songs only to have them all turn into Hotel California at some point. Egil claims that all songs really are Hotel California in disguise, I think he might be right.

Now for some instructional video:

Tupac VS Biggie:

From the Moog Cookbook (remember the 70's song 'Popcorn'?):

This one is just a bit creepy:

Who could forget Willam Hung?:

Everybody Reggae with Majek Fashek!:

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