Sep 3, 2008

So you think you want to be a pro photographer?

Read on as Jono talks about the 'numbers' game and the photos taken vs photos actually used ratios of the pro sports photogs:

"....some of the moto guys were discussing how we have such long days out there and we are shooting like crazy but they only end up seeing so few photos online or in print."

Check out this blog post by photo journalist Vincent Laforet. He is recently back from the Olympics where he spent 18 days shooting the events. In his post he gave a great example of images shot verses images used.

Laforet spent 18 days shooting at the Olympics and finished up with 28,444 frames shot. Out of that he edited it down to 1,509 "selects". Out of that 1,509 he transmitted, or used so far, 273 images. That means that out of 28,444 frames shot he used just under 1%!

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