Feb 16, 2009

Presidents Day Celebration (lets go MTB'ing)

Tom and I got out today for some mountain biking on South Mtn. Weather was great with mild temps and not too many folks out and about. Rode from the Pima Canyon trailhead to the Buena Vista lookout, then back down.

Each trip to SoMo I 'suck less'. Recently put a Fox DHX 5 coil over rear shock on the MotoLite and it's helped keep the rear end down on the ground. I need to send the orig. Fox RP3 into PUSH industries and have it rebuilt. The pedal platform on the old shock is somewhat shot I think. The ups today were a bit easier, despite the added 1.5lbs in shock weight.

A link to the ride data on MotionBased and also one to the data on the Garmin Connect website.

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