Apr 19, 2009

Goat Camp Out and Back Ride

Sam pinged me on Facebook the other day and asked if I wanted to tag along for a run out to ride the 'Goat Camp' trail in the White Tanks. Greg and I had already made plans for a dual climb/bike day on Sunday, but when that fell through, I switched plans and met up with Sam at 6:30am for the trek out to the westside.

It's starting to get hot here in Phoenix again. This means early early starts, and lots of sunscreen and water. Today, the breeze out of the northwest saved us. It would have been much hotter without it!

Legs started cramping on the way back down and I ran out of water right at the end of the ride, good workout, but getting warm!

I posted up a few photos from the day over on Flickr, and the Garmin 405 data is here:

As promised.. here is the embed of Sam's video which is excellent!
Even got to close out the video.. witness my weeak manual
attempt at 5:51 or so ;-)

Tossed together this quick video using Quicktime Pro


chollaball said...

good riding with you. I like this pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/honemastert/3457982204/

there was one prickly pear close to the turnaround right next to the trail that was about the tallest I've seen. right next to the trail too, it was very cool.

u2metoo said...

Great ride Tim!

tims said...

Kewl vid Sammy! Added it to the post. How did you capture that Google Earth fly over thing?

Mariah Kinnley said...

This is the best flower I've seen on any blog! It glows with the burning colors of the sun!