Apr 8, 2009

Nintendo DSi Teardown Report

Since the kids have the DS Lite (previous generation) versions, it's kinda cool to see what upgrades and new features Nintendo stuffed into the new model.

- The DSi has an integrated SD/SDHC expansion slot.
You can now use a normal SD card for the playback of AAC audio
files and external storage of pictures or downloaded software.
Can anyone say homebrew apps?

- Two VGA CMOS digital cameras (0.3 megapixels); one on the
internal hinge pointed towards the user and the other
in the outer shell.

Chips of interest, left to right and a view of the rest of the DSi in pieces, and a teardown of the original version. (NOTE: Clicking on the images will bring up larger versions)

- Samsung 1st generation MoviNAND KMAPF0000M: 256 MB NAND Flash and MMC controller.
- 82DBS08164D-70L: Fujitsu Ltd 128-bit FCRAM (fast-cycle RAM).
- Nintendo's custom ARM CPU.

The full step by step teardown report is here.

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