Mar 29, 2010

Trail 100 and Greg's inagural Turner DW 5 Spot Ride

When Gregs' 6 year old Specialized FSR bit the dust a few weeks ago, we finally got together for our own version of a bike 'demo' ride.

We hit Trail 100 at night and I loaned him my 2009 Turner DW Link 5 Spot. One ride and he was sold!

After some back and forth on the 'make vs buy' decision, he ordered up the frame direct from Turner Bikes (in California) and it showed up the next day.

Then we spent the next few days emailing back and forth over parts. I also left my 2005 Titus Motolite with him so he had something to ride while waiting for the new frame to arrive, and to get an idea of another mfgrs frame for comparison.

Got the bike built up last Thursday evening:

Hit the trails on Saturday for a shakedown ride on Trail 100 in Phoenix:

Trail 100 Turner DW 5 Spot Ride

A great video of the 5 Spot from

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