Oct 23, 2010

Pack 382 Raingutter Regatta!

The 2010 Raingutter Regatta is in the bag! The boys had fun sanding, painting, and gluing last week! We copied the design from last year, but this time the boys did all the work. Last year, Jaden was a bit too young to use the rasp to shape the bow. They learned how to safely use the beltsander ($10 from Craigslist.. thank you very much! :) to grind down the bows of their boats.

Jaden went for a 'Halloween' theme. I helped him look up 'schooner' on the interwebs, so we could tie in the 'SCARY' theme from the holidays. Jared went traditional, patriotic, with a gunship, aircraft carrier combination.

I picked up a plastic gutter at Lowe's to help the boys practice at this past weeks den meeting, so all was set. What's the most efficient way to 'blow blow blow your boat'!? Straw, or strawless?  Jaden opted for no straw, while Jared had a bit of trouble in his second round, and opted for a straw after that.

All the boys had fun.. there were a few frustrations, some last minute repairs, and lots of lessons learned on good sportsmanship, cheering for everyone, and having fun!

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