Feb 10, 2011

the Indaba Ace of Base Remix.. aka Damn you infective Pop Music Hook!!!

Pulled down the files to do this contest, but with lots of other family commitments and work in Jan., it just didnt happen.

Made the mistake of crusing over to the Indaba music website and checking out the entries. One thing led to another.. and the songs 'hook' melody was burned into my brain. Burnt the midnight oil and did a quick one tonight. It's rough, there are some breaks and timing that need fixed, but I'm still amazed at what technology allows us to do in this day and age.

Timeline wise.. I had all the files pulled into the app probably about midnight, and 3 hours later finished the final mix down. Sometimes the brain needs pure, creative "play".

The main instrumental was a whole step 'detuned' for some reason. Had to run it through Amazing Slower Downer (a cool Mac OS X app that lets you speed up or slow down music without affecting the pitch, unless you want to?) first before pulling into Garageband. I didnt get it done in time for the contest unfortunately :(

Here's the main Indaba contest webpage... Be foreward, you'll be humming this song to yourself all day! :)

Ace of Base “I Saw the Sign” Remix Contest..
Listen to some of these remixes.. the talent of the submissions on
this website blows my mind.

The Sign Ska Punk Style
Ace of Funky Base Remix
I saw the Jazz/dubstep Sign
RMX-I Saw the Sign (Deadhead mix)
the sign remix (ace of base meets the Matrix!)
The Will Breaks Sign Remix
Casper lost his tape deck remix
The UB40 Sign

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