Apr 6, 2011

Roosevelt Lake / Tonto National Monument Camping

Jared and Jadens Cub Scout Pack 382 had their spring family campout this past weekend. We reserved the Grapevine group site, and about 15 families showed up to enjoy some fresh air and the outdoors.

Everywhere I go in Arizona, I'm amazed that more people dont take advantage of the great facilities and the natural beauty of this state.

In California and Colorado, many of the outdoor recreation areas are just swarmed with people. Here in Az, there can be crowds, but for the most part, they are relatively light.

We took the boys for a hike down to the lake front:

Everyone told jokes, performed skits and roasted marshmallows around the campfire:

The next day, after breaking camp, we headed to Tonto National Monument, to check out the cliff dwellings of the 13th century Salado Indians.

For the final leg of the adventure, we took El Oso road from AZ State Route 188 back over the mountains to the Beeline Highway (AZ State Route 87) Four Peaks still showing some snow on it's Northeast flanks:

It's a good trip when you have no mechanicals in the Syncro! :)

We stopped on the way back down the west side of the mountain, to shoo a gopher snake off the road. The guy was stretched out, in a 'food coma' and we barely missed running over the bugger!

The kids were impressed with my snake charming skills :)

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u2metoo said...

I nearly turned the car up from Apache Lake to Salado ruins yestaday. I guess I shoulda..