Jan 18, 2006

Is this really going to be a full movie? Looks like the same logical
thinking that goes into Michael Moore movies. We don't have electric cars
because they sucked and no one bought them. Saying it is going to free us
from oil is silly, as well, as if electricity is free. Hybrid cars are a
good step, but even there the return for the added expense takes ten years
to recoup at current gas prices. It makes logical sense, though. Internal
combustion engines are much more efficient at propelling cars than electric
motors, but the engines in most cars are much bigger than they need to be to
maintain highway speeds. The electric motor allows for decent acceleration
and a smaller gasoline engine running once the car is up to speed.

Fully electric cars probably won't be a reality until fuel cells can take
the place of present day batteries, though that's a ways off. And we'll need
nuclear power generation to create all the hydrogen for the fuel cells.
Right now that looks to be a reasonable future, but it is decades off.

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