Jul 25, 2008

Shaun and I got out for some Thurs. am fun before work over in San Diego...

On the first run down I'm *trying* to keep up, which is pretty much impossible. Shaun is an ex UCI World Cup Downhiller!(he placed 2nd overall a few years back)

The first is a 660Mb mpeg4 H.264 compressed to Flash

In the blip.tv clip, check out the second run down.. you can see just how fast he's moving compared to my snails pace :-) from the first run!

Taken with a Sony HAD Helmet Cam feeding into a DCR PC100 Mini DV Handycam. It's std def video and you can see the interlacing lines(tape format)

Gotta figure out a better way to process this, when you squish the files down to reasonable sizes, they just look bad. The HD clips out of my Kodak v1273 look better (they're recorded natively into 720p H.264 mp4 in camera)Guess it's time to start investigating solid state video cams!? (oh well)

Here is another example. Shaun and his buddy riding up at Big Bear CA. Notice the speed difference between him riding with a maxed out Turner 5 Spot bike and the Turner DHR (downhill) bike. Pretty amazing!

More Footage and various formats:

Crappy YouTube Version

Full hardrock remix mpeg4 Quicktime approx 70Mb (right click open in new window)

Video thumbnail. Right Click to Open in New Tab or Window

Full mpeg4 Quicktime approx 650Mb (right click open in new window)

Video thumbnail. Right Click to Open in New Tab or Window


chollaball said...

that's a sweet looking trail. so are you on a turner now?

tims said...

nope.. still on the MotoLite. Just ride the Flux or the 5 Spot when in San Diego. Both bikes belog to Shaun

He's been trying to help we get into a 5 spot or RFX though :-) Just dont have the cash or the need at the moment, but we'll see, I'm definitely impressed with the Turner bikes I've ridden.

The 5 Spot setup like Shaun has it for his time up in Big Bear would be a really nice medium to heavy gnar setup.. at least as far as my abilities are at the moment.

I'm waffling.. want to get another full squish in the house, and want something a bit beefier than the Titus ML but not a 35lb+ bike!!!

tims said...

Here is Shauns mtbr post of his Big Bear July