Mar 20, 2009

AZSF 09 is here! T-100 Ride/Vid

Got out for a Wed. afternoon ride with Greg (MTBR handle 'steelmonkey') on Trail 100. The idea was to do a loop, then head over to Aunt Chiledas. Ended up getting over there before the rest of the MTBR crowd showed, and ended up havng to head home due to time constraints. Did meet up with Jeff and SuLing and some of the others for a quick hello and some cheap El Salvadorian beers! (thanks Jeff!) before heading home.

AZSF 09 T100 Phx. AZ from tim schneider on Vimeo.

Above is a short video of part of the ride.. still getting the latest 'toy' dialed in. Kinda cool, but this GoPro video camera really eats the batteries! I picked up some 1000mah AAA rechargeables to see how they work. I really hope I dont have to buy the Energizer lithiums for this sucker. They are expensive!

Garmin connect data here:

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