Mar 15, 2009

The new 5 Spot first ride..

This new bike rocks. Very balanced, smooth and nimble. Pedals well uphill also. The DW link shines on the gravelly uphills out at Hawes. Still getting the front fork dialed in. ATA is a nice thing to have for 'cardiac' hill! Nice mellow 8mi or so, stopped and took time to mess around with the bike a bit and snap some photos. Link to the Garmin data here:

The desert is coming into full on bloom. No snakes out today, but it's starting to warm up pretty good. This is likely the last coolish weekend. Forecast is for 90's by weeks end.. what happened to Spring!? :-)

Props to chollaball and other MTBer's that got out and shored up some of the trail. Could see the results of their handywork, as well as the signage to try and dissuade others from hacking up the water bars.

Stopped to hack together a panoramic view looking off towards Red Mountain and the Salt River. Clicking the link will take you to the full size version on Flickr.

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