Mar 15, 2009

Eddie Roman's 'Hammertime'

This is pretty wacky.. and classic. From 1995!
dig the lycra and the stuff these guys are doing
on the bikes of that era. It's not that long ago..
but 13 years is a LONG time when it comes to
mtn bike design.

Here’s the description Eddie posted with the video…
“MTB and BMX action featuring Mat Hoffman, Tim Fuzzy Hall, Brian Lopes, Chad Herrington, Eric Carter, Hans Rey, Dave Voelker, Ryan Vanderveen, Todd Lyons, Alan Foster and many others. Filmed in Utah, Oklahoma and California, Hammertime features some of the first MTB jumping including the first MTB backflip. Mat Hoffman riding his motorized BMX bike on the gigantic half pipe is absolutely amazing. Watch Mat launch off a quarter-pipe after being towed by a motorcycle at 55 mph.”

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