May 23, 2009

Had taken a series of 5 bracketed RAW exposure files after the 50th Anniv. climb of the Mace. Had never taken the time to put them together into a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo until now. Tripod mounted, Canon Powershot G6 in RAW mode. Combined in Photomatix Pro, then post processed in Adobe Photoshop CS3.


chollaball said...

good eye, great pic!

Anonymous said...

Great photos - couldn't find another way to contact you (email, etc...) Found a photo of the San Fran Peaks that you took a few years back and would very much like to use it as a background for name badges that we are printing up for a tax conference in Flagstaff on June 11-13th. It's called "Representation at it's Peak" and your picture is appropriately perfect! My email is and I work with Enrolled Agents here in Northern AZ. Please respond if you see this comment & put "Permission Granted or Permission Denied" in the subject field of the email. Thanks, I appreciate it - I thought it prudent to ask first!

tims said...

Hi lvasquez88, thanks for asking, I've sent you an email!