Jun 5, 2009

Desert Colors
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A few weeks ago, we had another low pressure system come in, and the Phoenix area received what is likely to be it's last good rain before the heat of summer. I drove out to the east and snapped this shot from the roof of the Honda Element. Roughly taken at the entrance to the Usery Mtn. Recreation area. (Crismon and McKellips Rd) in far east Mesa.

Took the original into the GNU Image Manipulation Program (just to play around with) and got an interesting version. Saved that out, then used Adobe CS3 (Adobe Camera RAW) to modify the exposure levels. Took the 5 individual .jpg files into Photomatix Pro and had it work it's HDR magic. A bit more noise post processing in CS3 and some cropping to finish.

This is a 'Faux' HDR photo in that it's not really combining multiple exposures from the camera, but just multiple exposure adjusted .jpg's from Photoshop. Compare this to the previous pic from Sedona, which was a 'true' HDR from RAW files. You can immediately see the difference!

For reference, here is a link to the original files (well the last one is obviously not... :)

Here is an HDR photography FAQ

And to see some art from one of the masters of HDR, check out 'The Best of Ben' Gallery

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