Oct 31, 2009

Build your own "Tiki O Lantern"!

Okay.. so I was thinking, what could top last years *flaming pumpkin*, which I am doing again BTW.

Got to thinking, it would be cool to have a couple of those smaller pumpkins, on a stick.. kinda all 'Tiki Torch' like, to make the front yard kinda look like an episode of Halloween 'Survivor Island'

So after picking up a can of kerosene, I strolled down the lawn/garden aisle at Lowe's and noticed those 'tiki torches' Picked up a couple, and a jug of fuel for them and stopped by Whitfil Nursery for some smaller $1 pumpkins. Some 'Gorilla Tape' (black gaffers tape, kinda like duct tape on steroids) and carving tools.

The next sequence of photos details the steps.. first arrange all your materials:
(sorry Apricot Ale was the closest I had to 'pumpkin ale' :)

Here is the Tiki Torch pattern

Now the steps. First place the image on the pumpkin, then trace the outline using a small tool to make 'holes' so you can connect the dots with your saw/cutting tool.

Next, connect the dots, then size up the opening on the bottom for the top of the tiki torch.

Finally, assemble and you're done! I'll post some photos from tonight, after dark, of the Tiki O Lantern in action! :)

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