Jun 6, 2010

Summer Arrives!

After a relatively mild spring, summer arrived in full-swing this past weekend here in Phoenix. Tom and I started early (about 6am) but not nearly early enough. We started up Javelina Trail, then joined Mormon and climbed up. The slight morning breeze was cool at the passes, but the temps were climbing quickly. I'd not been on the bike in about a month, so I was sucking badly.. :(

Turned it around at the junction of Mormon/National and headed back down. A quick video after the jump.

Later that day, I took Jaden to the last day of his 3-day Cub Scout Day Camp. I was back at South Mountain for the second time that day.
Lots of sunscreen, water and fun was the order of the day.
From Cub Scout Day Camp - 2010

From Cub Scout Day Camp - 2010

As residents of the valley, we often forget what a great resource we have in South Mountain Park

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