Jun 23, 2010

Drums Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel Remix Contest Entry

More dabbling in Garage Band. Stayed true to the original, but added tons more drums, some phase shifted vocals and an 'industrial' ending.. Always thought the original sounded a bit "thin" :)

Incredible amount of talent on this website.. just check out these other mixes that put mine to shame...amazing stuff!

The GarageSale Remix.. (all acoustic percussion)
An acoustic take.. (guitars)
Dub/Reggae Mix
A 70's funk... wah wah guitar remix
An 80's Daft Punk Disco Version
WorldMix Bongo Version
80's Synth Pop Version
Rock Style..1
Melodic DubStep
Rock Guitar
Synthy Groove
PinkFloyd/Kansas Remix..
Another synth style remix
The piss remix.. :) (funny)
Atmospheric Mix
Flatbred Mix
Babboon Bop Mix

1 comment:

chollaball said...

that's very cool! wonder what Peter Gabriel would do if he rewrote the song using some new sounds. he did some cool mixing and soundtracks in the 90s but I sorta lost track of his work.