Aug 6, 2010

Which of these things is not like the other?

Remember back to those early days of Sesame street?  
"One of these things is not like the other...?"

What follows are some incredibly strange combinations of songs, 
that actually do go well together (when 'mashed up')

Check out this classic Doors song, combined with Blondies' hit "Rapture"

Deborah Harry and Jim Morrison, together.. actually that's not so odd afterall!

Take a danceable 80's song from 'one hit wonder' group Dead or Alive, combine it with the angst of Nirvana to get "Spins like Teen Spirit"

We bring the 'Sexy Ghosts' back in this Ray Parker Jr/Justin Timberlake mashup

What's a post about music without some mention of Lady Gaga? Christopher Walken
just nails the lyrics on this one!

Another Lady Gaga with those guys from Dead or Alive. "You Ring Me Right Round"

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce vs Dead or Alive - You Ring Me Round (Like a Telephone) - Mashup by FAROF from djfaroff on Vimeo.

Finally.. the Beatles, Kinks and LCD Soundsystem help you 'Get Back to where Daft Punk really *has* Got You' :)

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