Jul 28, 2010

IC design goes mainstream (Why the EE glamour days are gone)

Who knew that IC design knowledge was so commonplace these days?

Hip/Hop R&B artist Kanye West, @kanyewest in his first tweet ever said; "Up early in the morning taking meetings in Silicone Valley".  He then quickly corrected his spelling error in his second tweet with,  "Lol I spelled Silicon wrong ( I guess I was still thinking about the other type of silicone ITS A PROCESS!! : )"

Some observations:

I appreciate the other kind of silicone as well as the next guy, but in general, for us in the IC design industry, as Electronics Engineers, we're concerned about how "small" things are in silicon :)  This is quite the opposite of the other "silicone" that Mr. West was referring to.

I'm wondering though if Kanye knows more about IC design than he lets on.  Analysis of his second tweet (unintended or not) reveals a deeper understanding of deep sub-micron design.   When we talk CMOS geometries, and sizes, engineers often refer to the 'process node' or 'process size'.   In this day and age, it's measured in nanometers (nm) with the leading edge around 22-25nm and most high-end mainstream design at 32-45nm in volume.

Kanye on the merits of TTL vs CMOS design

Perhaps Kayne has redeemed himself? After all, it *is* about the process!   At either rate, he's already closing in on the 200,000 follower mark! :)  
Welcome to Twitter sir!   Feel free to add me,  @T__Schneider  to your 'follow' list!

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